We have spent many years in the bathroom renovation business. And during those years we have seen the right way and the wrong ways to renovate your bathroom. We have seen every gimmick ever invented in the bathroom renovation business. And we have seen the pitfalls of succumbing to some of these gimmicks by having your bathroom renovated the WRONG way.

That’s why we invented Bath Ninjas.

We wanted to simplify and improve the entire process of bathroom renovation. Our method is very simple: we will renovate the “wet area” of your bathroom in as little as one day for $6969. That’s our price. We don’t pressure you. We don’t give you last minute ultimatums. All we do is give you the very best price in the market for our very high quality work. There will be no last-minute upsells, no “surprises” on installation day, just a high quality, aesthetically pleasing bathroom installed by highly trained professionals using the very best materials.

And, if you need financing, not to worry. We have many different plans available to suit your specific needs.*

So, please, explore our website and find out why Bath Ninjas is the best choice for you.

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